Laura here I just got back from visiting Ash he is doing all right shes been on a hospital bed for 2 weeks she said she is now ready to kick her ED ass lets all hope this time it will happen so she can be the happy kind girl we all remember please keep her in your prayers and thoughts she may be deleting this blog when she is discharged but it wont be for a month or so she read all the inbox messages you guys left she is very thankful and it sure brought a big smile to her face 


First of I’m not Ash…. My name is Laura I’m one of her long long time friends this is the first time looking at her blog and i cant believe everything im reading , she is going trough a very hard time right now and so is her family she is now battling for her life she tried to commit suicide all this happened today at 4am in her treatment center they are now investigating who gave her the blades she used , and someone inside had to help her FUCK ASHLEY WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT MANIPULATING OTHERS ,you always loved to play with peoples minds and emotions…

Anyway i went to drop off ash at the treatment center with her mom and two more friends this happens a month ago ,she told us “don’t get used to me not being around ill be out of here in a blink of an eye” I went to visit her last week and iv’e never seen her so out of it , she told she was having the worst time ever that she was loosing her mind it broke my heart in a million pieces i almost cried she looked so weak and her eyes were sucked in she had the biggest under eye circles ever and her lips were really cracked , her mom hasn’t visited her once or called, I stayed with her for a while and she hadn’t made any friends there she was asking for the adult ward  , but her mom didn’t approve the change so she was stuck there they gave her a cigarette a day she was going completely insane so i left her two packets and i told her i was going to get her more .

her weight was getting a little better they took her hair straightener away because they found she was burning herself i cant wrap my mind around on why they didn’t take it away when she arrived, when i went and visited her she told me she needed someone to check her blog and honestly I lost her password so today I turned my room upside down to look for the damn url and password.

please keep ashley in your prayers she is not allowed to have visitors for the time being but ill make my way in i have my ways so if anyone want to send a kind message ill make sure she reads it .

pretty little liars is ruining my life

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  • parents: you need to go out more
  • parents: you need to exercise more
  • parents: YOU'RE GOING OUT FOR A WALK??? YOU?????
  • parents: why are you getting angry


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